Living and Training on the Gulf

Since it has now gotten much warmer I have been doing most of my rides closer to home. By riding closer to home it’s easier to get cold drinks and ice to keep cool and also less likely I will get caught out riding if there are thunderstorms and lightening.

Currently my regular training ride is an out and back route from home along the beach and bay. Each lap is 20 miles and takes about an hour. The route has a good bike lane and there are no stop lights or stop signs. I also get to ride over a few bridges which is the extent of my training for climbing and descending. I get to do lots of laps.

The route:

The Road to Fort Myers Beach – Hickory/Estero Blvd – it’s good for time trials

A few pictures of the water along the route:

Climbing and Descending:

I stop along the beach to rest and stretch:

Your private island in the summer, except for the sea turtles

It’s now turtle season, we already have over 150 nests along the 3 miles of Barefoot Beach were I live. Turtle season is May to October – our beach may get over 300 nests. Here is nest 141 behind my house.

After each ride I get to “cool off” in the gulf, the water is currently 87 deg.

We also get great sunsets in the summer. The Gulf can be very flat – which makes it great for paddle boarding. I plan to get back on my paddleboard when I get home from the tour.

The Pelicans fly close by my house at eye level each afternoon


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