PTNT – Day 2 – Sedro Wooley WA – Winthrop WA – 128 mi/8742′

Today’s route was simple – go straight for 126 miles then turn right and go 2 miles to hotel

We also had to climb over the Cascade Mountains via Washington Pass (the summit which came at mile 96.5, then Descend 31.5 miles.

I started the Ride @ 6:40 am and got to the hotel @ 4:45 pm – a total elapsed time of 10:05

My ride time was 9:01, NP – 140 Watts , IF – .64, TSS – 449, total climbing per gps – 8742′, Ave hr 125 bpm

I did not ride hard today, it’s only day 2/32, – I focused on Keeping the power @ 140 W and my HR @ 125 bpm – I feel good after the ride

I was able to ride on my aerobars to mile 54, and on lot of the decent too.

The Route – (Route 20)

The climb was 42 miles long basically from mile 54 to mile 96.5.

We had 5 rest stops today:

Mile 34, mile 54 (start of climb), mile 74 (lunch), mile 86.7 and mile 96.5 (top of climb)

The elevation profile:

The Ride to date

Some pictures of rest stops and lunch



The route board – after today’s ride – note the tiny red line in the left corner – showing what we have ridden so far

The white board showing tomorrow’s start times – a little later then the past 2 days

More pictures


3 thoughts on “PTNT – Day 2 – Sedro Wooley WA – Winthrop WA – 128 mi/8742′

  1. Keep it going Arnie ! I’ll keep up with your blogs. Wish I was there but I tore my knee meniscus and had surgery. Finally back on the bike now. Wish you the best. Randy S

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