PTNT – Day 3 – Winthrop WA – Grand Coolee Dam WA – 101 mi/6771′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

The first climb of the day up to Loop Pass started @ mile 10 and topped out @ 4020′ elevation at mile 21.8, where we had a rest stop. We then had a fast descent and ride to our 2nd rest stop @ mile 45.6.

On the descent we saw many fire trucks probably going to the Cascade National Smoke Jumper Base by which we had ridden.

Riding out of the 2nd rest stop we started climbing again and it was hot. We are now on the Eastern side of the Cascades which is warmer and more dry the the west side.

Lunch was at mile 73.3 above the Columbia River

After lunch we rode to our Hotel @ mile 102 which is next to the Grand Coulee Dam

Today’s ride summaries

The ride so far

Today’s white board

tomorrows weather forecast is good


3 thoughts on “PTNT – Day 3 – Winthrop WA – Grand Coolee Dam WA – 101 mi/6771′

  1. Hello Arnie, It is wonderful reading your daily updates and seeing all the beauty along your route.. I was wondering if you see a lot of wildlife… While riding, do you look around and take in the scenery or are you hyper focused on biking.
    Be safe!

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    1. Hi trish
      There were a lot of deer on Whidbey Island on day 1 / they just stood around looking at us – Whidbey was very scenic

      Today there many Mormon Crickets all over one segment of road – lots were already squished!
      Also I got stung by a bee on my left side – I felt it, but I am not sure I saw it

      I do try to look around – but things move by pretty fast – so mostly what you see is scenery – we have so much ground to cover each day – there isn’t much time to stop – I see other riders snapping photos by holding a camera up with 1 hand while they are riding


  2. I have now figured out how to get to the posts easily.. i don’t know why I have been so dense:). I have not been on my iPad for a few days as I was glued to the TV watching the brilliant rescue of the 12 boys and their coach and my dad turns 90 July 16th… We have had a few celebrations already and tom another one. He is enjoying himself.

    Thanks for the answers and I am glad you don’t take pictures while you ride! Might not be the safest!
    Love reading about your daily ride… when my husband gets home, I will have him explain Your daily stats:)
    Take care friend!


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