PTNT – Day 27 – Londan CN – Niagra Falls Canada – 136 mi/1268′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

JC started riding @ 7:15, I didn’t start till 7:21. We finished together at 4 pm

I started the ride with 3 other riders. Our group soon grew to 8, and we rode together to the first rest stop at mile 27.

We had a heavy fog for the first 30 minutes of the ride.

At the first rest stop JC and I met up and we rode together for the rest of the day.

We started riding together to the 2nd rest stop a couple hundred yards behind a large paceline. After a 10 miles or so we were joined by Paul and Rob and the 4 of us all rode together the remaining miles to the 2nd rest stop at mile 59. PacTour treated everyone to ice cream at the Boston General Store across the street from the rest stop.

A few miles before the 2nd rest stop we caught the paceline of 8 riders in front of us. JC decided to pass them and we followed her. Rob then went to the front and I followed with a 400 watt surge on my aerobars and the paceline fell behind. So much for sensible riding. I probably pissed them off because they wouldn’t look at me at the rest stop.

JC and I left the 2nd rest together and we rode to lunch at mile 83 and the the 3rd rest stop at mile 112 and then into Niagara Falls and our hotel at mile 136.

There was a lot of traffic moving fast beside us on the way to lunch including many large dump trucks, which was unsettling.

Riding into Niagara Falls there was also a lot of traffic and we rode thru a busy tunnel under a river.

We also rode past many high rise hotels and Casinos in Niagara Falls.

After cleaning up and washing my bike clothes in the sink I walked down to the bluffs overlooking The Niagara Falls and took some pictures. The Falls are Magnificent.

Niagara Falls is a very busy tourist destination.

I wrote today’s blog update at Jimmy Buffets Margarittaville Restuarant where I ate my Subway sandwich at the bar and had a Landshark Beer ( Island style lager). What a tourist trap – $10.00 for a beer.

Meanwhile my wife Pam is in Naples Fl with her brother at our Colliers Reserve Country Club “Margaritaville” Summer Party. “Fins Up”.

Today’s ride data

The ride so far

Average speed todate: 2973 miles/180.5 hours = 16.47 mph

Today’s white and route boards

Tomorrow’s weather forecast and route

It looks like a nice day , with favorable winds and another 136 miles with more climbing then today.


JC Photos

Pactour Photos


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