PTNT – Day 28 – Niagra Falls NY – Waterloo NY – 136 mi/3334′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

Jenny and I started riding @ 7 am and we got to the hotel @ 3:41 pm.

We rode together all day and we stayed ahead of all the pacelines and never even saw them at rest stops or lunch. It got hot during the day and I did use my ice sock, but I was already soaking wet.

After leaving our Niagara Falls Hotel we rode over the “Rainbow Bridge” and got our last views of the falls. We then went thru US customs and entered the USA and The State of New York.

We rode on our aero bars all day despite the additional climbing today.

We moved quickly thru rest stops, as usual, and lunch and only had 57 minutes not moving start to finish, despite 3 rest stops, lunch, Customs and stop lights and stop signs.

Rest stop 1 was at mile 36, and rest stop 2 at mile 62, lunch at mile 82 and the last rest stop at mile 105.

Before we got to rest stop 2 – 3 deer ran across the road ahead of us and we watched them jump and leap thru a farm field to our left. A baby deer that was trailing them, saw us and a car and decided to not cross the road and ran back the way it came.

We have 4 days riding left to the tour, including lots of climbing starting tomorrow.

Today’s ride data

The ride so far

Today’s white and route boards

Tomorrow’s weather forecast and route

The weather looks good but hot and the wind favorable.

Tomorrow will be a challenging day with 122 miles and 8000’+ of climbing.


Jennifer Clark Photos

Deer Photos

3 deer on left side of road, baby deer on right side of road

Pactour Photos


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