PTNT – Day 29 – Waterloo NY – Little Falls NY – 122 mi/8538′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

We started riding at 7:15 and Jennie won the day and finished first overall getting to the hotel @ 3:15. She was on fire today.

We decided not to ride together today because it’s better to do your own thing when there is so much climbing. But it also resulted in us both riding alone all day.

I finished at 3:45, 5th overall. JC gave me suggestions that has helped me climb much better: sit further back on saddle, pull up on pedals, and spin.

I had my highest power today of the tour at 160 watts due to all the climbing.

Today was not an aerobar day due to all the climbing and little flat terrain. I did use my aerobars on some of the descents.

Today’s weather was good, but it did get hot and I used my ice sock from lunch and the last rest stop.

Today’s climbs were spread out over the entire day:

Rest stop 1 – mile 26 – 1300′ cumulative climbing

Rest stop 2 – mile 46 – 2700′ cumulative climbing

Lunch – mile 71 – 6150′ cumulative climbing

Rest stop 3 – mile 94 – 7350′ cumulative climbing

Hotel – mile 122 – 8861′ cumulative climbing

I kept moving the entire day – I only spent 34 minutes off the bike including lunch, rest stops and stop lights. I even skipped the free ice cream at the last rest stop. It was a long hard day and hot so I just wanted to keep moving because I was riding well. Also I had Almond milk ice cream last nite.

I had good energy all day, but I probably ate the least food of any day on the tour. It’s hard to eat when your continually climbing. Most of my calories today came from the Gatorade in my water bottles. I had 2 bottles before each rest stop, lunch and the hotel, and I drank additional water at each stop.

After I got to the hotel I started eating, 2 bottles of Recoverite, plus a protein powder drink, bud lite, eggplant parmigiana and salad for dinner. And more food later.

Today scenery is a blur to me, I was just so focused my my riding, the climbs, descents, pavement, the heat and the overall effort. But I included JC’s photos below. I do remember seeing the sunflowers, the numerous small towns we rode thru, and the Amish buggie riders, as well as the horse manure all over the roads.

Little Falls NY is a charming small town on the banks of the Mohawk River in the Mohawk Valley. The Erie Canal also goes thru the Mohawk Valley

Today’s ride data

Today’s white and route board

Tomorrows weather forecast and route

The weather for tomorrow looks good and the wind favorable, but hot again.

Tomorrow’s route has fewer miles but still plenty of climbing.

Jenny’s photos from today


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