PTNT – Day 30 – Little Falls NY – Bennington VT – 109 mi/5454′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

Jenny and I started riding at 7:30 am and got to the hotel @ 3:00 pm.

We started the ride first but stopped at a view outlook over the Mohawk Valley on the first climb to take pictures.

While doing taking the photos Robert the Keebler Elf broke away as he was going for the stage win. We only saw him again leaving lunch and leaving the last rest stop as we were getting in, then again at the hotel as he was celebrating the stage win.

After taking our photos we stated riding hard on the climb and the rest of the day chasing down Geselle and Paul the Munchkin with whom we ended up riding with during the day.

We were able to ride our aerobars a lot today both on the climbs and descents which helped us keep our momentum going.

The 1st and 2nd rest stops were at miles 21 and 42, lunch at mile 65 and the last rest stop at mile 92 (after a detour due to the road closing for bridge repairs).

We entered Vermont at mile 102.

We had good weather for today’s ride but it got hot and I used my ice sock from lunch on which helped some.

We only spent 53 minutes not moving either off or bikes or at stop lights, including 10 minutes at rest stop 2 when jenny was putting Duct Tape around her rear wheel rim and tire to cover a tear. She didn’t want to replace the tire and then stopped at the Home Depot in Bennington to buy what she needed to repair the tire.

Today I had my second Highest ride average power, only yesterday was higher.

Some of today’s roads had a lot of traffic, trucks, noise and debris. We rode thru several towns including Saratoga Springs.

Today’s ride data

The ride so far

Today’s white and route boards

We are starting tomorrow at 6:30 am due to the heat.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast and route

The weather looks good, winds favorable, and hot.

Tomorrow’s ride will be challenging with 127 miles and 7000′ of climbing.

The view over The Mohawk Valley at the start of the first climb

The Keebler Elf celebrating today’s stage win

Jenny’s Additional photos of Little Falls NY

Jenny’s photos from today

Pac tour photos


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