PTNT – Day 31 – Bennington VT – Concord NH – 128 mi/7060′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

Jenny and I started riding at 6:30 am and we got to our hotel @ 3:15 pm. We started earlier today because of the hot weather

We started riding somewhat hard from the start. We were able to use our aero bars a lot today because most of the climbs and descents were not to steep. We rode thru many small towns.

We entered Manchester NH at mile 21 and it seemed like a nice upscale town. At mile 22 we made a right turn up toward the ski areas and more serious climbing. The first rest stop was at mile 25 about halfway up the first big climb. I stopped, but jenny kept riding. We then continued the climb, passing Bromley ski area at mile 30 and reaching the summits at miles 36 and 38 and beginning a fast descent.

The second rest stop was at mile 47 after the descent and some more climbing.

On the way to the 3rd rest stop at mile 65 I caught up to jenny who had stopped at a store to get food and then together we caught up to Giselle and bill and we all rode together to the 3rd rest stop.

At mile 64 we crossed the Connecticut River and entered New Hampshire our final State.

I stopped at the rest stop to fill my water bottles and ice sock as it was hot, but the others decided not to stop and continued to ride on to the lunch stop at mile 87.

When I got to the lunch stop they were still there but Giselle and jenny left ahead of me. I rode hard after lunch, riding my aerobars a lot and caught up to jenny at the last rest stop at mile 110. We then rode to the hotel together.

Lunch was in a city park next to a war memorial in the town of Newport.

On the descent to the last rest stop we passed some lakes on our left but we were going fast and didn’t get any pictures.

It started raining on the way to the hotel, first sprinkling and then raining hard and we stopped for a couple minutes as it became hard to see, the street flooded and our brakes not working to well.

Soon the rain stopped and by the time we got to our hotel the sun was out, the streets dry and so were we.

This was the first time we had rain the entire trip.

Concord NH is the State Capitol.

Today’s ride data

Regarding elevation gain:

GPS elevation gain numbers tend to be higher then bike computer numbers. Bike computers use a barometric measurement.

The last 3 days I have had the highest daily average power of the trip due to all the climbing and with the finish in sight. Todays power would have been higher but we had to slow way down due to the rain.

The ride so far

Today’s white and route boards

Tomorrow’s weather forecast and route

Tomorrow’s weather looks good and cooler.

Tomorrow is the last day of the tour as we will reach our final destination and the Atlantic Ocean.

The ride is only 52 miles but has 2600′ of climbing most of which is in the first 20 miles, then it’s mostly downhill to the sea.

Today’s Photos

The park we had lunch in and war memorial.

Jenny’s Photos

Manchester New Hampshire

War Memorial

Entering New Hampshire (Giselle, bill, and me)

The above photo was taken when it was raining

Pac tour photos


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