PTNT – Day 32 – Concord NH – Rye Beach NH – 52 mi/2605′

Today’s Route and elevation profile

We did it!

We rode our bikes across the USA , 3522 miles in 31 riding days (plus one rest day) with 214 hours and 21 minutes on the bike riding and 119,000′ of climbing.

We started our final day of the PTNT riding at 7:30 am. Today’s ride was 52 miles. We were able to ride together one last time thru a beautiful forest (you can see it on the route map ) on great roads. for the first 47 miles to our regrouping point at the Breakfast Hill Golf Club from which our entire group rode together the final 5 miles to the Jenness State Beach Park in Rye Beach New Hampshire and our hotel and place our bike tires in the cool Atlantic Waters.

We both felt great and very strong and we rode hard those 47 miles because we just wanted to feel one last time the exhilaration of charging up the hills and descending fast despite knowing this was our last ride after riding thousands of miles.

I had my highest average power of the entire tour today until we finally backed off as we reached the regrouping point to wait for everyone else to arrive.

At the beach the PacTour Crew took many photos.

Everyone was extremely gratified to have successfully completed the tour and to have reached the Atlantic Ocean.

Today’s ride data

The Total PTNT Ride

Today’s white and route boards – complete

Some of today’s photos

more photos to be posted later

pac tour photos


3 thoughts on “PTNT – Day 32 – Concord NH – Rye Beach NH – 52 mi/2605′

  1. Wow Arnie! 3;522 miles!! What a fabulous trip!!!! Oh,,,,,,, and the sites and beauty you experienced, along with all your new friends. I wish I loved to ride bikes, as this trip would def be something I would want to do!

    Your daily blog was brilliant, and I am truly happy I was able to follow along!!
    Congrats Arnie! I hope you have already decided on your next adventure 🙂


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